Shortage of Farm Labour

As I continue my canvass across North Cork I regularly meet farmers who raise the issue of a shortage in the availability of labour for the agricultural sector. Dairy farmers in particular have raised the issue with me, outlining how they find it difficult get access to both regular and relief labour for their farms. They have placed adverts for vacancies, and in some cases have received no replies.


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Future of History

The Minister for Education and Skills, Joe McHugh TD, will soon have to decide on the future of history in the secondary school system. For many people, history was a core subject when completing their Junior Certificate. The experience was no doubt mixed but talking to people there seems to be a general agreement that the study of history is important. A study of history gives people a sense of their place in the world, and an appreciation that our country (indeed all countries) have a past that holds as much hope as grief and has as much to celebrate as to be questioning of. The basic skill of history is to question. Considering the recent experience of the two countries on either side of us, it surely is clear that providing access to historical knowledge and a questioning mind is integral to life in the 21st century. Continue reading