My Priorities if Elected to Dáil Éireann

I am seeking your support in the upcoming general election to become your representative in Dáil Éireann.  Some of my priorities are:

  • Ensuring the constituency is competitive in attracting industrial investment, through the funding of road, water, and broadband infrastructure.
  • Securing extra supports for families who are providing care for children and adults with physical, cognitive, and intellectual disabilities.
  • Promoting the region as a tourism destination by supporting the local groups that are working on tourism sites, as well as the marketing of the region.
  • Seeking investment in education so all students can have access to permanent classrooms, and the most modern PE halls and science labs.
  • Providing social and affordable housing throughout Cork.
  • Pursuing a national fiscal policy that aims to reduce our national debt as well as build reserves to meet the challenges of the future.
  • Work to ensure sustainable incomes for farm families.

If elected I give you a guarantee that I will work hard on behalf of your community and the constituency.  Please give me your support on election day, so I can be a strong voice for you.

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