Affordable Housing announcement welcomed

IMG-20190808-WA0001The announcement from Minister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy, of an investment of €84 million in Affordable Housing schemes across the country is a welcome development.  This initial investment will allow 25 projects to progress and deliver 1,770 affordable houses.

The delivery of affordable housing is essential if we are to relieve the pressure on middle income earners of affording a home.  This announcement will lead to the building of 1,770 affordable homes, with three sites progressing in the Cork East constituency.  Minister Murphy has committed that over 6,000 affordable homes will be funded by 2021.

The sites selected in Cork East are St Joseph’s Road in Mallow, Abbeywood in Midleton, and Broomfield in Midleton.  Together they will provide 139 affordable homes and represent an investment of over €7 million.

There are too many people stuck in a limbo where they are paying very high rent, and therefore are finding it difficult to save for a deposit to buy a home.  Those who earn over €34,000 are not eligible for social housing, and therefore are dependent on the private sector where there is too little being built, and prices are rising at a level that makes it unaffordable to many.

Affordable housing is a support which the government should be prioritising.  The accommodation crisis has several elements.  The social housing sector has seen most attention, but the reality is that there are many people who need support from the state to be able to afford a home.  This is a positive announcement to support some of these families.

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