unnamedReports  this week that more of the Fermoy weir have been eroded downriver of the bridge is a cause for concern over the continuing delay in an announcement regarding the future of the weir in Fermoy.

Problems were identified with Fermoy Weir well over a decade ago.  As a member of Fermoy Town Council, numerous meetings and debates were held on what should happen.  Five years on and there is still no commitment on when the works will start and how much they will cost.  This is unacceptable.  Local clubs, businesses and residents need to be reassured that the relevant authorities are going to take the necessary steps to undertake the work urgently.

Fermoy has taken great strides to rebuild the local economy.  It is an inviting town to visit, shop in and eat.  This has taken a great deal of effort from many local volunteers.  The river has always been the central feature of the town, and will be part of the future development of tourism and the hospitality industry, as well as for rowing and angling.  The condition of the weir, so evident during the dry summer, is a worrying issue – but it has been known about for long enough.  It is time for decisions to be made to ensure that it is not further eroded.
Speaking to local interest groups and to local Councillors it is clear that they have done everything that they can to progress this issue.  National decision-makers need to make decisions, not offer reasons for further delays.  Communities that stand up and work for their locality need to be supported.  It is too important to the town of Fermoy for decisions on the future of the weir to be delayed any further.
O’Driscoll finished by saying he has been in contact with the relevant ministers.  “There has been a lot of lobbying from local groups and members of Cork County Council.  I have added my voice to this and will continue to do so until there is a satisfactory resolution”.

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