Work being done to address climate change – O’Driscoll

FG (91).jpg

Pa O’Driscoll with Richard Bruton, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Recent comments from the Taoiseach should not distract from the work being done by those working in agriculture to reduce carbon emissions.

There is a lot of work being done to address climate change, much of which is happening in the agricultural sector.  Farmers are custodians of the rural environment and know more than many the need to address climate change.

While campaigning over the last few weeks and months I have met a lot of farmers who have explained how they are taking action to make their contribution to climate action.  Through milk testing and changing breeding profiles; soil testing; changed methods of spreading slurry; and ongoing research into feed, the agricultural sector is taking climate action seriously and is working to ensure methane emissions are reduced.

There are few people who are denying that climate change is happening, and that climate action must be taken.  It is unfortunate that there has been so much focus on one comment, and far less on the positive action that many are undertaking.

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